Doctor checking patient with elbow to determine the cause of illness.

Medial Epicondyle ORIF

Day of Surgery 

1). Diet as tolerated. 

2). Pain medication as needed every 6 hours. 

3). Icing is important for the first 5-7 days post-op. Ice is applied for 20-minute periods 

3-4 times per day. Care must be taken with icing to avoid frostbite. 

4). Make sure you have a physical therapy post-op appointment set up for the first week-10 days after surgery. 

5). If you have a splint or half cast, you will start PT after the splint is removed in the office at your first visit.

First Post-Operative Day 

1). Continue icing 

2). You will need to keep your incision dry when taking a shower. Do this for about 2 weeks after surgery. Keep your splint and/or half cast dry. No need to do dressing changes until your first follow up visit at 1-week post-op. 

Second Post-Operative Day 

1). Continue icing 

Third Post-Operative Day Until Return Visit 

1). Continue ice pack as needed.

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