Doctor checking patient with elbow to determine the cause of illness.

Postoperative Course Following UCL Repair with Augmentation

Weeks 0 -1

Posterior splint to be worn at all times while the incision heals.

Weeks 1 – 4

Splint removed, and the patient is placed in a hinged elbow brace

Initially the brace is set between 60 and 90 degrees. The arc of motion is gradually increased as long as the motion is pain-free. The goal is to have the brace completely unlocked by 4 weeks.

Physical therapy started to include lower body strength and flexibility, core strengthening, and scapular stabilization.

Weeks 4 – 6

More aggressive elbow and wrist exercises are included while in the brace.

Weeks 6 – 8

Return to hitting and throwing program in the brace

Week 12

Brace is discontinued

Return to activities as tolerated

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