Doctor checking patient with elbow to determine the cause of illness.

Radial Collateral Ligament Repair Rehab Protocol

Week 0 – 1

  • Immobilized in a posterior splint
  • Ice and modalities to reduce pain and inflammation

Week 2 – 4

  • Changed to hinged elbow brace
    • Brace setting at 30 degrees of extension to full flexion
  • Passive/active assisted motion between 30 degrees and full flexion
  • Active wrist flexion/extension and gripping exercises at 2 weeks
  • Active pronation/supination at 4 weeks

Weeks 4 to 12

  • Gradually increase to full extension as long as patient is pain free
  • Discontinue brace at 6 weeks
  • 12 weeks – resisted er/ir, biceps, triceps, and wrist/forearm strengthening

Weeks 12 and beyond

  • Return to regular activity as long as pain free

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